Carla McArdle

Treatments are available for the following conditions:

  • General foot pain/discomfort
    The ageing foot
    Flat feet
    Athlete's foot
    Plantar fasciitis
    Heel pain
    Medial tibial stress syndrome/shin splints
    Hallux limitus
    Onychocryptosis/ingrowing toenails
    Onychomycosis/fungal nails
    Achilles tendinopathy
    Diabetic foot conditions
    Arthritic foot conditions

Our Approach


Visit us and tell us about your foot/lower limb problem, pain or discomfort


A holistic assessment will be carried out to establish the underlying cause of the problem


A treatment plan will be devised to eradicate the problem, this will also include advice on the short and long term treatment options which will be tailored specifically to the patient’s needs

To book your appointment, contact the clinic on 074 6478 8212 or email